Our Services

New leads

Having a wealth of contacts within a vast amount of industries, we can help generate new customers. By assessing whether your product or services would fit with our existing database of over 10000 customers, we can use our industry expertise and over 40 years of business relationships to explore new opportunities.

We are not pushy cold lead generators. We offer a genuine, warm and friendly approach. Talking to potential customers in an informal, no pressure way. After all, many clients are already our customers for other principles. We would never put these relationships at risk by being obnoxious!

Client Relations

Good old quality customer service. Let us take care of looking after your clients. Courtesy calls, problem solving, order liason, troubleshooting, all whilst ensuring that new opportunities are not missed.



Quote follow ups

It's surprisingly common for companies to issue a quote as requested, then fail to ever follow up again. Normally due to not enough resources in-house to cover this vital role, it can increase sales exponentially. It could be a very simple solution that the customer did not realise was available. It could be refining a quote. Whatever the solution, we can open a dialogue which could lead to winning the order.



We represent a number of UK and international. companies. Please click on the link to the left to find out more